Dealing with real estate properties can be fairly complex for an individual to handle. It can involve a plethora of legal jargon and potential hazards. Hence, it is best to hire an expert to help you manage the entire transaction. They allow you to perform a thorough investigation of the land titles and their approvals and help you identify any contingencies linked with your chosen property. Therefore, the more complicated the transaction, the more important it is to have a well-competent real estate attorney by your side. 

Here we have some of the common problems you can face while dealing with your real estate property.

Contract disputes 

A real estate purchase contract contains complex legal jargon. Due to a lack of clarity, either party can breach the agreement by violating any of the agreed-upon terms. Such situations of contract dispute occur when the negotiated price of the real estate property is held in conflict by either of the involved parties. They can also arise over the issues associated with the closing date, purchase price, type of deed, and property condition. Disputes can also occur if either of the parties believes that the contract terms are misrepresented or do not comply with the local law standards. 

However, the assistance of a well-experienced real estate attorney can help you find a resolution to all such disputes.

False advertising

Advertising campaigns associated with real estate must comply with the state license regulations and the realtor code of ethics. To protect the rights of prospective buyers and sellers from falsely being accused of misrepresentation, all misleading and unlicensed advertisements are always subject to serious legal consequences. Therefore, you should always ensure that all your real estate advertising campaigns adhere to the state licensing laws and present an accurate depiction of the property. 

Disclosures and misrepresentation

Disclosure statements are an integral part of the real estate purchasing process. This can involve property boundaries, foundation issues, or environmental problems. Therefore, you should thoroughly inspect your chosen property and its legal documents to protect yourself from misrepresentation liabilities or fraud.  

Enforcement issues

The drafting of a real estate contract does not guarantee the conclusion of challenges. Sometimes the other party involved may see it fit to back out of the agreement if they find a more beneficial offer somewhere else. However, the assistance of a well-experienced attorney can enable you to complete the transaction and obtain your rights associated with the pending contract.

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