Hiring an attorney for your business will help you ensure that your company operates legally. They can assist in reviewing contracts and documents during your initial days as an entrepreneur. However, since most legal matters do not demand immediate attention, most businesses may gloss over hiring a lawyer because the other issues seem more pressing such as operations, marketing, and advertising. Thus, at some point in your journey of being a small business owner, you may need to seek legal advice. 

Listed below are some critical aspects where hiring a lawyer can benefit your small business:

Business formation

A new business commencement requires you to figure out some critical matters that need your attention at the beginning of the business. For instance, as a small business entrepreneur, you should determine ways to structure your business to limit personal liability. Thus, hiring a lawyer will help you during the incorporation process to ensure that your business starts on a solid legal footing.

Corporate governance

A business lawyer advises their commercial clients on areas associated with annual shareholder, director, and partner meetings. Similarly, certain businesses require recording minutes and election of officers to comply with the state’s laws. And, its non-compliance or other unwanted circumstances may lead to unforeseen situations for your business. Thus, a business lawyer plays a significant role in protecting your business against personal liabilities.  

Intellectual property

Take appropriate steps to safeguard your company’s intellectual property rights before launching your business. It can include your company’s logo, brand, name, and other essential aspects of your business that needs copyright protection. Thus, hiring a well-experienced business lawyer will help you acquire the necessary patents, rights, and other trademarks to protect your business.

Non-disclosure agreements

The day-to-day operations of your business may require you to enter into agreements with other parties. However, as a new business entrepreneur, you may want to ensure that you are entering into the right deals in your best interests. Here, your business lawyer will help you draft a non-disclosure agreement for your business so that both parties can carry out expansion without worrying about unwanted circumstances.

Benefit programs

As a small business owner, you may require the assistance of an expert in developing benefit programs for their employees. Moreover, complying with laws regarding your employee’s healthcare coverage may also require consideration. Hence, taking the assistance of a business lawyer will enable you to make better decisions while also helping you draft an incentive plan to support and motivate employees. 


Small businesses often rely on their reputation. Thus, one bad review can quickly become a barrier to your business growth. However, a reputed business lawyer can serve great help in acquiring a court order to take down defamatory online posts.  

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