No one should be bound to stay in a dysfunctional marriage that makes you unhappy and leaves you hopeless. The common myths and beliefs may make you feel helplessly shackled in your relationship. However, having access to an accurate and reliable source of information will always help you debunk the myths by yourself. While it’s completely natural to share your concerns with the person you trust, it is always recommended to get a legal expert’s advice to gain a crystal clear perspective. 

Following are the top five myths you should know about that will help you protect your legal rights:

Myth 1: Adultery will cost you an arm and a leg

‘Adultery will make you lose everything’ is the most common misconception. Infidelity doesn’t make you lose your chance to legally gain possession of your valued concerns. 

However, if the finances are impacted because of adulterous acts, then the same may affect the division of jointly owned assets in the future. 

Myth 2: Mothers always get the child’s custody

Before the eyes of the law, both parents hold equal and identical rights when a child’s custody is a matter of concern. Both mother and father have an equal say over the child’s significant life decisions. In earlier times, mothers had the step ahead in getting the child’s custody. However, with the evolution of time and law, the law center of attention lies with the child’s welfare and best interest.

Myth 3: Equal distribution of finances

The court focuses on equitable division rather than equal distribution. A fair distribution implies dividing the assets and liabilities in a fair ratio considering the factors that the court refers to. The elements may include minor child’s welfare, property possession, income, earning capacity, obligations, financial responsibilities, and various other age and health-related factors.

Myth 4: Spouse must agree to divorce

The government believes that no person should be bound to stay in a marriage where either of the parties is non-willing to remain committed. Therefore, once you’ve decided on divorce, file the paperwork accordingly. Your spouse will receive a time frame or a deadline to respond, and in case of the inability of your spouse to respond during the time frame, you are free to file a motion for default. Based on the default judgment, the motion will essentially bring you out of your marriage. 

Myth 5: Divorce can’t be filed without a lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer isn’t a requirement while filing for a divorce. Represent yourself if you wish to. However, fighting this life-changing battle all by yourself is going to be a nerve-racking journey before you finally achieve your goal. Therefore, hiring a professional, experienced lawyer is highly recommended to make the entire process go smoothly, avoiding the chance of awry while fighting against the skilled lawyer.

Always consult an experienced divorce lawyer who can assist you with the legal proceedings, child’s custody, and other concerning matters keeping your best interest in mind. Our team is recognized as one of the best teams among all Charlotte County’s divorce lawyers.

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