Family or probate lawyers are legal professionals that specialize in matters related to family law. Family law covers many domestic controversies such as marriage, divorce, adoption, domestic partnerships, will, property issues, and all other family-related issues. Probate or family lawyers act as a mediator in case of family disputes or disagreements. 

Following are the top five services provided by probate or family lawyers that will benefit you: 

Divorce Proceedings

Ending a marriage legally is stressful and heart-breaking. Your family lawyer assists you in handling all the crucial matters during your emotionally draining phase. He/ she acts as a mediator between you and your partner to solve disputes related to child custody, alimony, property distribution, domestic partnership, and other important affairs. A competent family lawyer helps couples to settle the case on fairgrounds without going through the trial.

Domestic Violence cases

If you or any of your family members have suffered domestic violence or abuse,  you must get in touch with a skilled family lawyer. Your lawyer will assist you in documentation and understanding all the legal procedures coming forth. He/ she will help you receive a no-contact order from the court that ensures your safety and well-being from the other party. To help you claim financial losses, your family lawyer may file a civil lawsuit, if necessary.

Will, estate, and property matters

A will is a legal document that expresses your wish on how you want your property and other affairs to be handled after your death. Your probate or family attorney assists you in creating and modifying your will. The absence of a will often leads to various conflicts and legal battles over your possessions. However, you can reserve certain rights for your loved ones by contacting your family lawyer to draft your legal will.

Handling prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract signed by a couple prior to a marriage or a civil union. Such a contract aims to list down the provisions of spousal support and division of the property during separation or divorce. Your family lawyer assists you in drafting such an agreement and helps you avoid losing any critical rights or assets during the separation.

Child custody

Disputes related to child custody are one of the most challenging issues to handle while separating. Child custody is an agreement that describes various terms and conditions for both the parents who are parting their ways from the marriage. A family lawyer helps in drafting and amending such an agreement. In case of disagreements over child custody, your family lawyer also handles the legal proceedings in court.

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