Lawyers are a significant part of the justice system as they ensure proper, fair, and equal abidance of the law for all the members of society. Whenever you’re in a legal pinch, a well-experienced and licensed lawyer with years of experience will usually be by your side to help you get fair justice. Thus, hiring a reputed lawyer in town will offer you the best consultancy while enabling you to remain on the law’s good side.  

Mentioned below is a list of all the types of lawyers to help you with all kinds of complex lawsuits.

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers are experts in handling insolvency issues for individuals and businesses. They specialize in either commercial or consumer bankruptcy cases. In the case of consumer bankruptcy, the lawyers represent individuals or creditors, and in commercial, they represent corporate creditors or debtors. Having a lawyer who has specializations in both fields will assist you in navigating solutions for financial restructurings, plan confirmations, and valuation disputes.

Business lawyer

These are corporate lawyers who handle legal matters for businesses. They ensure that their client company’s transactions are carried out within local, state, and federal laws. Their scope of work includes handling acquisitions, mergers, patents, the formation or dissolution of firms, intellectual property, and other liability disputes. 

Constitutional lawyer

Constitutional lawyers manage the interpretation and execution of the U.S. constitution. They are responsible for balancing the interests of government institutions within the scope of individuals’ interests. Their work can include:

  • Representing their clients in discrimination lawsuits
  • Challenging the lawfulness of a piece of legislation
  • Serving as constitutional law professionals at universities

Criminal defense lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers represent those accused of illegal activities to ensure that their liberty and fundamental rights are upheld adequately within the justice system. They work as a public defender or a private attorney and ensure that the accused person’s interests are safeguarded in a fair, just trial. 

Employment and labor lawyer

Employment and labor attorneys mainly handle the relationship between employers, unions, and employees. They particularly take the issues associated with workplace discipline, harassment, wages and pension security, and wage-hour regulations. While employment attorneys are known to address matters in a non-union workplace, labor lawyers generally focus on collective bargaining and union-management relations. 

Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers are known to represent musicians, actors, athletes, artists, and other media-associated clients and brands. They work to safeguard their client’s intellectual property, which can be anything ranging from a comedian’s comedy routine to a singer’s lyrics and music. Moreover, they may also handle the negotiation of contracts and fee arrangements while securing talent releases and acting as an intermediary between the venues or agents.

Real estate lawyer

A real estate lawyer is well-versed with all the intricacies of property rights, wills, trusts, and probates. Thus, they offer legal assistance to ensure that the client’s assets are handled correctly while also addressing tax and other legal issues. Estate lawyers often use questionnaires to assist their clients and evaluate their assets and liabilities to aid them in decision-making.

Family lawyer

Besides handling the division of marital assets, alimony, and child custody, family law extends to various other issues. It also includes cases associated with adoption, guardianship, juvenile delinquency matters, paternity, and child welfare. Thus, the family lawyer’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Writing prenuptial agreements.
  • Drafting contracts or negotiations.
  • Resolving familial disputes.
  • Counseling clients on legal options. 

Immigration lawyer

Obtaining citizenship or legal status in a country can be an arduous task. Here, immigration attorneys play a crucial role in offering guidance to individuals and families while navigating the essential requirements for working, living, or studying abroad. Additionally, an immigration lawyer can also assist employers and employees seeking work visas.

Personal injury lawyer

Personal injury lawyers primarily work in civil litigations to represent clients who have sustained injuries. These injuries stem from vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, workplace accidents, or product liability. Thus, having a personal injury attorney by your side assists you in claiming fair compensation from the party at fault. 

Tax lawyer

Tax attorneys understand the technical jargon of tax laws and regulations. Thus, they work in a variety of settings. It can include law and accounting firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, or government agencies. They assist their clients with tax planning, interpreting tax law, and conducting proper research on ways to benefit from current tax regimes.

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